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ooh i think i have a good one! alphabat's i:ota c:
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How close do you want this connect?

I:ota has a Twitter where he follows Rihanna who is following Taeyang?

I:ota is Type O just like Daesung?

I:ota, who’s real name is Selin or Serin, debuted in a duo with Kyumin with a song called “Hello”. GD has a song called “Hello” on his Heartbreaker album.

I’m so sorry! I know nothing about AlphaBAT (just googled them!) Was this good enough?

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How is Lee Jong Suk related to Big Bang?
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Lee JongSuk

(Love him, just to say)

Lee JongSuk started in School 2013 with Kim WooBin

Kim Woobin has two connections:

He has modeled and starred in dramas with Lee SooHyuk

Lee Soohyuk is close friends/part of the group NuThang with GDTOP

The second connection of Woobin is that he’s a GD fanboy


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Sorry it took so long! I wanted pictures!

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Who wants to play a game?

Six Degrees of Separation - Bigbang Version

  • Give me an idol or kdrama actor/actress and I will try to connect them to a Bigbang member in six people or less
  • Nothing easy like Minjun of 2PM because he’s close friends with GDYB and used to be under YG
  • If you can stump me, I’ll make you a gif.

Are you up for it, followers?

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Thank you to everyone who watched one of my faveorite movies with me for my birthday. You are all beautiful!

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True love <3


True love <3

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cr: B-Side

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Even though it’s so early in the morning I can’t sleep. So I want to spend the morning of my birthday with all of you.

Let’s all watch 71: Into the Fire

Meet me at the TinyChat in thirty minutes. Spread the word?

ten minutes everybody


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