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140919 G-Dragon PHHHOTO Update

140919 G-Dragon PHHHOTO Update

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Taeyang’s new instagram # young _ bias

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This week on: Skiing with Seungri


We discuss overcoming situational distractions and hip movement.

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do you know any news about seungri's condition now?
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Yesterday a fan met his sister at and asked about him, she said he was fine and they shouldn’t worry about him (source). Then today a fan met his mom at when she just got back from the hospital, she said he was getting better and he was asleep. (source).

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(140915) YGE Updates on Seungri:

He got off the ambulance (after the accident) because there was not enough time left for the flight to Singapore, but was sent to a hospital again since he didn’t look well and said he’s having abdominal pain.

Seungri feels sorry for Big Bang members,…

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"when each of the five gathers,

                                          we get that multiplier effect.”

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071216 SBS Inkigayo Last Farewell

Most VIPs are aware that Seungri sustained ankle injuries while he was performing during the Great Concert of 2007. However, he was also injured just a mere two weeks prior during rehearsals for the Golden Disk Awards. He was taken to hospital, given x-rays and directed by doctors to rest for two weeks. Seungri knew if he followed this advice he would miss out on the Golden Disks, Music Core’s 100th episode, Inkigayo and possibly even the Great Concert. Stubborn not to let VIP down, Seungri performed on every broadcast.

But no performance was as heartbreaking as 071216 SBS Inkigayo. Seungri started the show well, dancing to the best of his ability, but progressively things got worse. From limping from one end of the stage to the other to stopping entirely to grip his hurting leg, try as he might he could not hide the pain from his face.

As the last note fell, he left the stage and was taken to the hospital for another examination. Big Bang won the mutizen that day and the four  stood solemn as they gave their speech. G-Dragon’s eyes were wet in tears as both he and Taeyang included a special thank you in Seungri’s name. As they took the stage for their encore performance, the members shouted their love and appreciation for their maknae, "Seungri jjang! Seungri hwaiting!" 

This is the man most people considered to be the ‘weakest’ of his group. The ‘expendable’ one. The member who ‘contributed nothing’ to Big Bang and showed ‘no talent.’ 

Have you realized yet?

“It’s because we have Seungri that we are BIGBANG” - GD

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stay strong lee seunghyun, come back stronger than ever! <3

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